We are ZESUA, the #1 Rappelz Private Server

Running for more than 3 years, we provide a player friendly environment, ran by friendly and dedicated staff members. We do our best to implement players suggestions : get wild, we like it! We also offer a responsive support system: you can talk to the current active staffs in-game or you can leave a message on our forums, we try to answer in a 24h delay.

Server Features

Guild Donation System

You can receive special buffs for owning the Guild Donation NPC. The First System of its kind in the English Servers.

Champion of the Stats

Show off your stats to your friends and other players by being the highest stats and it will show to everyone!

Battle of Osiris System

1 vs 1 PVP system: You must register using AP as a fee to search for others to compete against, and prove you are the worthy of the Osirs.

Active Development

Our team of developers work hard to bring new and fun content to the server.

Multiple Clients

Run multiple clients from the same computer without needing Sandboxie and Virtual Machines.

Weekly Maintenance

Weekly maintenance and updates, we offer a countdown via our forums and auto information on forum shout chat.

All In One NPC

All in one NPC ranging from consumables, gears, decorative items, pets and more, .

Daily Spin

Receive a spin token daily within your item box. Use the token at the Daily Spin NPC to receive random items.

General Server Rules

  1. Flaming, Harassment of any kind, excessive swearing, or other forms of inappropriate language will not be tolerated in any form of in game chat.
  2. We do NOT allow any form of hacking, bug exploitation, tampering with game files, or macros/bots. Sandboxie and other virtualization software is allowed. Note: Using a farm-bot will result in an immediate ban of an account and De-level the character and remove items or entire items and can reach to a permanent ban depending on your behaviour in the ban appeal.
  3. Do not scam or attempt to scam other players. This includes, but is not limited to, pet taming, pet levelling, and deliberately providing misleading or false information. Note: When reporting a scam, you must provide explicit and detailed evidence.
  4. Purchasing items, accounts, services, etc. from 3rd party website or other players for real cash is NOT allowed.

Read the complete Server Rules

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