Terms of Service (TOS)

Welcome to the Zesua private servers (Zesua PvP and Amnesia Hybrid)! Below we will go over some of the rules we expect our players to abide by on our servers.

Please note that while we do not require that our players are fluent in any specific language, all players must be able to abide by the rules and special instructions given to them in english. Claiming to not understand the rules will not be taken as an excuse to break them.


General Rules:

1) Flaming, Harassment of any kind, excessive swearing, or other forms of inappropriate language will not be tolerated in any form of in game chat.

2) We do not allow any form of hacking, bug exploitation, tampering with game files, or macros/bots. Sandboxie and other virtualization software is allowed.
Note: Using a farmbot will result in an immediate ban of an account and De-level the character and remove items or entire items and can reach to a perm depending on your behavior in the ban appeal.

3) Do not scam or attempt to scam other players. This includes, but is not limited to, pet taming, pet leveling, and deliberately providing misleading or false information.

Note: When reporting a scam, you must provide explicit and detailed evidence.

4) Spawning excessive amounts of monsters using creature summoning scrolls will not be tolerated.

5) Ban evasion is defined as the following: Creating and/or logging on to another account during the time that one of your accounts is banned. When your account is banned, the ban includes all other accounts you own. Ban evasion may result in an increase in your ban time.

6) Lying to or deliberately misleading a staff member will not be tolerated.

7) Purchasing items, accounts, services, etc. from 3rd party website or other players for real cash is not allowed.

8 ) Any discussion of other private servers is not allowed (including advertising via PM)

9) Discussions relates directly or indirectly to Religions, Belief, Race, Sexual Orientation will not be tolerated in any of our servers.


Zesua PvP Server Rules:

1) As a PvP server, when you die from a pker or a mob you will have a chance to drop one of your equipped items. Having lak in your necklace will activate lak guard and usually prevent your item from being lost, but it will not always go off. Only Fairy’s locks will guarantee the safety of your items upon death. Dropped items may be picked up by yourself or by any other player. Players who pick up items lost this way are not obligated to return them to their owners but some will just to be nice.

Kill stealing refers to any of the following:
a) Attempting to take over someone’s spot (and staying there, not just wiping and moving on). Note that this must be done repeatedly (except with bosses). Furthermore, each party can only claim up to one room in a dungeon (this includes boss rooms and associated bosses).
b) Attacking mobs that were already attacked and below half HP (roughly) Note that this must be done repeatedly, not just once or twice.
c) Attacking a boss that is already below 3/4 HP (roughly). Obviously this does not include event bosses.

Note: KSing will only apply to dungeons and will not apply anywhere PKing is allowed. UPDATE 8/27/14: The KSing rule will not apply in the Circus dungeon boss rooms (Trickster, Living Nightmare, and Demented Carnival).

Note: Situation (a) takes precedence over (b) and (c). The last two situations only apply when (a) does not. Furthermore, if you wish to take a boss in a room that had been claimed by a party, you must ask them and receive a direct affirmation before doing so.

For a KSing case to be considered, you must have one of the following:
-video recording of the incident (must be at least 3 minutes long and clearly show evidence of KSing, please specify where in your video the KSing occurs)
-GM or staff member witnessing the event
No other forms of evidence will be considered

Punishment for KSing:
1st offense: Warning
2nd offense: 2 day ban
3rd offense: 1 week – permanent ban
If KSing is reported and we cannot determine with certainty who is KSing who, both parties will receive a warning, but you will not be banned if you already have a warning in this case
Note: Ban times subject to change based on determination by staff member


PvP Rules:

1) PvP or Pk or Player killing is acceptable in Arena or Horizon East but any sort of rage or flaming after pk in those pk-enabled areas is unacceptable.
(Apply to Amnesia only!)

2) PKing players while they are warping into a dungeon entrance or other teleport location and still on the loading screen is not allowed (this does not include feathers of any kind). Working your way around the restrictions to go PKon in PK forbidden zones (Inside Dungeons) is also against the rules and will be dealt with immediately.
(On Both Servers)

2.1) PKing near the cube portal will not be allowed. We are declaring a small PK-free zone at the Cube dungeon entrance which extends to the Cube NPC. Note: this does not include running outside and fighting, then running back in before you die. This rule now also applies to the area around Archaeologist Bob, The NPC teleporter for the Moonlight basement dungeon and quest. Only one screenshot is needed here.
To prevent exploitation of this rule, you must provide one of the following when reporting an incident:
-2 Screenshots which clearly show you were in the PK-free zone for a significant amount of time before you died
-1 Screenshot if the pker is inside the PK-free zone
-Recorded video of the incident
-GM or staff member witnessing the incident

If the pker can provide evidence (such as a single screenshot) that the player that was pked was indeed outside the PK-free zone when the fight began, then no action will be taken.

3) Body Camping is strictly unacceptable. Body camping will be defined as the following: PKing a player repeatedly by staying near their body and preventing them from resuming normal play for a duration of approximately 3 or more minutes. In order for an incident to be considered body camping, the following requirements must be met:
-Occurred in a farm area such as Kaia Lake and Crystal Mountain (boss spawn locations are NOT included)
-You are actively trying to escape and not fighting back
-At least 3 minutes have elapsed since the beginning of the incident. We will also consider cases that are below 3 minutes if they are close.

Note: Body Camping as a group is also punishable. If it seems evident that several pkers are violating the body camping rule as a group, even if they are not violating it individually, they will still be punished accordingly

Note2: This body camping rule also applies that a player may not body camp a pker either you must give him the same rights you have to get up and town out or run. <NO LONGER APPLICABLE>

To report body camping, you must provide one of the following:
-At least 3 different screenshots (more is always better) with some form of in game time reference showing that at least 3 minutes have elapsed from the time of occurrence. (time on in game buffs, in game clock, etc. Editing your images and putting a time on your images afterwards does not count).
-Recorded video of the incident
-GM or staff member witnessing the incident
(On Both Servers)

4) Any sort of PK harassment will not be tolerated. KOS (Kill on sight) is allowed as long as it does not turn into harassment (similar to retail server)
(On Both Servers)

Lastly, this is a pvp server, there will be times when you get pked or sometimes when you pk someone, just remember this is just a game, so you got killed, you learn your mistake and you get stronger by working your way up so that you can defend yourself or your friend or your guildies from getting pked.

PS: Turning PK on and getting feathered to Kaia lake to prevent the PK-Off system is not allowed, however your PK will be automatically turned off within seconds.


Guidelines to reporting rule violations:

-Start a forum topic in the appropriate section (Zesua PK & Abuse, Amnesia PK & Abuse, General Complaints
-Explain the situation, what rule(s) is being violated, and provide sufficient evidence to support your claim
To take and post a screenshot, please refer to the Guide How to Take And Post a screenshot

Note: Please avoid censoring your images, especially if you are reporting a chat related rule violation. If you must censor an image, at least leave enough that it is clear that the removed information was not relevant to the case (for example, censoring a message someone typed but leaving the name of the person uncensored for the text box or showing just enough of a person’s name to determine whether or not they had pkon for pk related reports)



Disciplinary Actions:

For minor incidents we will typically issue a warning to the player. If the player does not immediately cease all activities in violation of the rules they will be kicked from the server and possibly banned. Repeated or major rule violations will result in a temporary ban with no warning given. If the rule violation continues beyond this point, bans will become more and more severe and possibly become permanent, including an IP ban. Very severe incidents will result in an immediate permanent and IP ban.

In scam cases depending on the severity of the case, you are to pay a penalty to the server no less than $30 mandatory fee for a ban lift, and time consumed to investigate your case. Failing to pay a penalty will result in 40 days ban instead and a remove of the scammed items in either cases.*

If you believe you have been wrongfully banned, you may post a ban appeal here: Ban Appeal be sure to follow the directions for posting an appeal here: How to Appeal?

Note: If you continue to show poor behavior on the forums (for example flaming after you were banned), you will also be punished based on severity up to a permanent IP ban from the forums.

Note: All determination of guilt of rule violation and punishment given are subject to change by the staff on a case by case basis.

Note: There is absolutely no excuse for breaking the rules. It does not matter if someone else broke them first, if YOU are caught then YOU will be punished. If you catch someone else breaking the rules then it is your responsibility to report it.


Notes about staff members:

Certain rules such as flaming and harassment will be more strictly applied when involving a staff member. We will not allow any form of harassment towards staff members and those who choose to do so will be severely punished. Likewise, we expect that our staff members will maintain a professional and friendly/helpful attitude towards the players as well. If you have reason to believe that a staff member is acting inappropriately, please make a post here: Complaints Box or contact a [Dev] or [Admin] directly via forum PM and we will handle the situation.

Warnings given by a staff member will count as having been received if the player takes any action shortly before or after the warning is given, regardless of whether or not the player chooses to reply and/or understands it. If the staff member determines that the player is afk or otherwise did not receive the warning, or they are simply ignoring it and pretending to be AFK, the staff is allowed to take actions (such as debuffs, kicking, or temporary ban) to prevent the player from playing normally until such a time that the warning can be given at the staff’s leisure.

As many of you may or may not know, most of our staff members have regular non-GM characters that they like to play on normally. While they are not required to give the names of these alternate characters, they may choose to do so here: Meet Team Zesua. Alternate characters listed on this page are to be treated the same as a regular staff member character in regards to rules to be followed and authority to give warnings/punishments. If any character not listed on this page AND without either a staff tag enclosed in brackets or orange chat text attempts to contact you claiming to be a staff member, you may ask for proof that they are indeed a staff member before you are required to follow their directions. If they do not provide this proof, report them immediately to a staff member.


*this is subject of the severity of the violation of scam, could end up permanent ban and no penalty fee will be accepted for a return.

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