Welcome to rzesua website! Grown from a 100-man community to the network of services with over 110 thousands registered members we are right now, it's safe to say that Zesua server is one of the largest Rappelz communities around on the internet. registration is free and easy and gives you direct access to all our servers and features.

[Dev]Takk (Founder, Developer & Owner).

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We work day and night trying to solve your issues, and listen to your suggestions. Visit us on our forum for the support.



Zesua (Epic 9.1)

  • 8x Exp
  • 25x Gold
  • 25x Drop
  • PvP
Amnesia (Epic 9.1)
  • 1.5x Exp
  • 30x Gold
  • 30x Drop
  • PVE


Kigharrah (Epic 9.1)

  • 2x Exp
  • 15x Gold
  • 15x Drop
  • Hybrid
Ancient Epic 5.2 *new*
  • 2x Exp
  • 50x Drop
  • Retro Experience

18th Nov 2013
Sponsor Website

Sponsor Website

Thanks Elitepvpers for their support.

17th Aug 2013


If you feel like talking to other players while pking, farming for better coordination visit our Team Speak server. Click Here to auto connect NOTE THIS TEAM SPEAK IS NOT...

10th Aug 2013
How to Connect to the game!

How to Connect to the game!

1) Register yourself in the website. That registration ID and password will be used for your GAME LOGIN. (NOTE: Game registration and forum registrations are different! Your forum registration won’t...